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Edition Date: December 2017

Part Number: 373197L-01

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Complete the following steps to use an FPGA I/O Method Node for CAN:

  1. Use the Add Targets and Devices dialog box to add the CAN module to your CompactRIO configuration. Right-click the CAN module in the Project Explorer window and select Properties to specify the configuration properties for the module.
  2. Create an FPGA I/O item for CAN by right-clicking the FPGA target under My Computer in the Project Explorer window, selecting New»FPGA I/O, and then adding CAN»NI 9852»CAN0 (or CAN»NI 9853»CAN0) and/or CAN»NI 9852»CAN1 (or CAN»NI 9853»CAN1) to the FPGA I/O list. Refer to New FPGA I/O dialog box (FPGA Module) for more information about creating and adding FPGA I/O to your CompactRIO configuration.
  3. Place an I/O Method Node from the FPGA I/O palette onto your FPGA VI diagram.
  4. Right-click the I/O Method Node, and select Select Item»CAN»NI 9852»CAN0 (or Select Item»CAN»NI 9853»CAN0) or Select Item»CAN»NI 9852»CAN1 (or Select Item»CAN»NI 9853»CAN1).
  5. Right-click the I/O Method Node and choose Select Method to specify the desired method from the list of CAN methods.

For information on how the I/O Method Node arbitrates with other CAN nodes, refer to Arbitration.

Note  There are no module-specific methods for NI 9852 or NI 9853, so adding CAN»NI 9852 or CAN»NI 9853 to the FPGA I/O node and choosing Select Method will not display any methods.


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