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Edition Date: December 2017

Part Number: 373197L-01

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In the Component-Level IP Properties dialog box for the sbRIO-9651, select General from the Category list to display this page, which you can use to select a socketed CLIP you created for the sbRIO-9651.

This page includes the following options:

  • sbRIO-9651 Socketed Component Level IP Declaration—The socketed CLIP to add to the LabVIEW project. The drop-down list includes all CLIP declarations saved in the following directories, or you can browse for a CLIP declaration saved in a different location:
    • Documents\LabVIEW Data\CompactRIO\CLIPs\sbRIO-9651—The directory in which the sbRIO CLIP Generator saves created CLIPs.
    • <NI>\Shared\CompactRIO\CLIPs—The directory in which CLIPs may be distributed by an installer.
    Note Note  Leave <Select CLIP Declaration> selected if you do not want the socket to use a CLIP. All I/O on the sbRIO-9651 connector will be unused.
    Note Note  If the selected CLIP declaration is invalid, you cannot navigate to other pages of or click the OK button in the Component-Level IP Properties dialog box. Cancel the Component-Level IP Properties dialog box and correct any errors in the CLIP declaration before you try selecting the CLIP declaration in the Component-Level IP Properties dialog box again.
  • Description—The description you provided in the sbRIO CLIP Generator for the selected CLIP declaration.

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