Converting the Temperature of a CompactRIO Chassis, Ethernet RIO Chassis, MXIe-RIO Chassis, or a Single-Board RIO Device (FPGA Interface)

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Edition Date: December 2017

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The FPGA I/O Node returns binary values for the chassis temperature. You can convert these values into meaningful engineering units. To ensure that the FPGA VI is as efficient as possible, convert the values in the host VI.

Using a VI to Convert Values

Refer to the RIO Chassis Temperature Monitor (FPGA) VI in the labview\examples\CompactRIO\Chassis Specific\RIO Chassis Temperature Monitor\CRIO Chassis Temperature Monitor.lvproj for an example of converting binary values. You can use the RIO Chassis Temperature Monitor (FPGA) VI as a subVI in the host VI to convert the values.


Using an Equation to Convert Values

You can use the following equation in the host VI to convert binary values to temperature:

Temperature = Binary Value × 0.25 °C

where Binary Value is the value returned by the FPGA I/O Node.

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