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Edition Date: December 2017

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Programming modes are set per slot on a chassis. There are three programming modes:

Programming ModeResource ItemUse For
Real-TimeReal-Time ResourcesOnly available on cRIO-904x controllers
Real Time Driver API support such as NI-DAQmx and NI-XNET support
Real-Time ScanReal-Time Scan ResourcesIO Variables and Scan Engine support

The default mode is only set after a fresh install and is determined by what you have installed on the controller.

Configuring a Program Mode

Complete the following steps to configure a programming mode. Programming modes can also be configured by using the NI System Configuration API.

  1. Drag and drop the C Series Module IO Item into the resource item for the mode that you want. See the table above for which resource item to use for each mode.
  2. Right-click the Controller Target Item and select Deploy All or right-click the Module IO Item and select Deploy Module Modes.

Dynamic Mode Switching

Note Note  Dynamic Mode Switching is only available on cRIO-904x controllers.

You can change the programming mode of a cRIO-904x at any time regardless of deployed chassis slot operations. To execute a mode switch safely, the module will be put into a safe state. Modules have different behaviors when this occurs.

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