Specialty Digital Configuration

NI CompactRIO Device Drivers Help

Edition Date: December 2017

Part Number: 373197L-01

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You can use the Specialty Digital Configuration page of the C Series Module Properties dialog box to configure some C Series digital input and output modules for specialty digital functions. Specialty digital functions include counter input, counter-driven output, pulse-width modulation output, and quadrature input.

You also can wire a reference to a specialty digital module to a generic-class property node in a VI block diagram. This specifies the class of the property node as SD Module and provides programmatic access to all the specialty digital functions that the module supports.

Use the Scan Interface for the modules that you configure for specialty digital functions. If the chassis is in Scan Interface programming mode, you can configure modules in up to two slots for specialty digital functions. If you want to configure more than two modules for specialty digital functions, you must change the programming mode of the chassis to FPGA Interface mode.

The maximum update rate for modules configured for specialty digital functions is approximately 4 MHz.


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