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NI System Configuration 18.0 Function Reference for LabWindows/CVI

Edition Date: May 2018

Part Number: 373242M-01

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This help topic contains error codes returned by the NI System Configuration API. If an error condition occurs during a call to one of the NI System Configuration API functions, the return value status contains the returned error code. You can also find this status code list in the nisyscfg_errors.h file.

Defined ConstantValueDescription
NISysCfg_Succeeded()Check if the status indicates success.
NISysCfg_Failed()Check if the status indicates failure.
NISysCfg_OK0The operation succeeded.
NISysCfg_EndOfEnum1Reached end of the enumeration. Used by NISysCfgNextComponentInfo.
NISysCfg_SelfTestBasicOnly263024The expert performed a basic self-test because it does not implement the specified mode.
NISysCfg_FoundCachedOfflineSystem263168Initialization succeeded but the target is offline. Only cached system properties are available.
NISysCfg_RestartLocalhostInitiated263169For the local system, the option to wait until the restart is complete is ignored. The function has successfully initiated a restart with the operating system.
NISysCfg_ChangedPropertyNotSaved263170The requested property value was changed in this session but the change was not successfully validated and saved.
NISysCfg_NotImplemented-2147467263This operation is not implemented for this target or resource.
NISysCfg_NullPointer-2147467261A required pointer parameter was NULL.
NISysCfg_Fail-2147467259Miscellaneous operation failure.
NISysCfg_Unexpected-2147418113A critical unexpected error occurred. Please report this issue to National Instruments.
NISysCfg_OutOfMemory-2147024882Out of memory.
NISysCfg_InvalidArg-2147024809Some parameter is invalid.
NISysCfg_PropMismatch -2147220624The property already exists with a different type or value.
NISysCfg_PropDoesNotExist-2147220623The property does not exist for this resource.
NISysCfg_UriIllegalSyntax-2147220622The name of the target or an expert contains illegal characters.
NISysCfg_UriTargetDoesNotExist-2147220621Could not contact the NI System Configuration API at the specified target address.
NISysCfg_UriExpertDoesNotExist-2147220620A specified expert is not installed.
NISysCfg_ItemDoesNotExist-2147220619The specified resource name does not exist.
NISysCfg_InvalidMode-2147220618The specified mode is invalid.
NISysCfg_SysConfigAPINotInstalled-2147220616The NI System Configuration API is not installed on the specified target.
NISysCfg_NameSyntaxIllegal-2147220614The suggested name contains illegal characters.
NISysCfg_NameCollision-2147220613Another resource already has the suggested name.
NISysCfg_NoPropValidated-2147220612None of the changed properties could be validated.
NISysCfg_UriUnauthorized -2147220611Incorrect user credentials were supplied for this target.
NISysCfg_RenameResourceDependencies–2147220610The resource being renamed has dependencies, and the updateDependencies flag was false.
NISysCfg_ValueInvalid -2147220609A property contained a value that is not valid or is out of range.
NISysCfg_ValuesInconsistent -2147220608Multiple properties contained values that are inconsistent with each other.
NISysCfg_ResponseSyntax-2147220606Could not parse the response from the NI System Configuration API at the specified target address.
NISysCfg_ResourceIsNotPresent -2147220605The resource name is valid but the operation requires the resource to be present.
NISysCfg_ResourceIsSimulated -2147220604The resource name is valid but the operation is not supported on simulated resources.
NISysCfg_NotInFirmwareUpdateState-2147220603The resource requires being in the firmware update state to perform this operation.
NISysCfg_FirmwareImageDeviceMismatch-2147220602The uploaded firmware image does not work with this resource.
NISysCfg_FirmwareImageCorrupt-2147220601The uploaded firmware image is corrupt or incomplete.
NISysCfg_InvalidFirmwareVersion-2147220600The specified firmware version does not exist.
NISysCfg_OlderFirmwareVersion-2147220599The specified firmware version is older than what is currently installed.
NISysCfg_InvalidLoginCredentials-2147220598The username or password is incorrect.
NISysCfg_FirmwareUpdateAttemptFailed-2147220597The specified firmware was not successfully installed. See the output parameters for more information.
NISysCfg_EncryptionFailed-2147220596The data could not be encrypted.
NISysCfg_SomePropsNotValidated-2147220595The changes were not saved. Some of the modified properties were not validated because they do not apply to this item.
NISysCfg_InvalidCalibrationCredentials-2147220594The calibration password is incorrect.
NISysCfg_CannotDeletePresentResource-2147220593Could not delete the specified resource because it is present.
NISysCfg_UriTargetTransmitError-2147220592Failed transmitting data to or from the web server at the specified target address.
NISysCfg_DecryptionFailed-2147220591The NI System Configuration API at the specified target address could not decrypt the data.
NISysCfg_FirmwareExpertVersionMismatch-2147220590The specified firmware requires a newer version of the expert than what is currently installed.
NISysCfg_AmbiguousImportAction-2147220589There was uncertainty regarding what action to take during an import.
NISysCfg_RequiredItemFailedImport-2147220588A required item could not be imported.
NISysCfg_PermissionDenied-2147220560Unable to write to file or folder. Permission denied.
NISysCfg_SystemNotFound-2147220559Unable to connect to the specified system. Ensure that the system is online.
NISysCfg_TransformFailed -2147220558Error running transform to generate report
NISysCfg_NotInstalled -2147220557Unable to find MAX on the system. Please reinstall.
NISysCfg_LaunchFailure-2147220556Unexpected error launching nimax.exe.
NISysCfg_InternalTimeout -2147220555Launched nimax.exe but it did not complete in a reasonable time.
NISysCfg_MissingTransform-2147220554Unable to find XSL transform to generate report.
NISysCfg_IncorrectExtension -2147220553Incorrect report file extension provided.
NISysCfg_FileReadOnly -2147220552Report file is read-only. Unable to generate report.
NISysCfg_ReportOverwrite -2147220551Report file exists and the NIMAX_FailIfOverwritingReport flag was set.
NISysCfg_DirectoryError-2147220550Error creating directory for report files.
NISysCfg_CannotOpenFile-2147220480Error opening a file.
NISysCfg_InsufficientPermissions -2147220479The object cannot be accessed because of insufficient permissions.
NISysCfg_NCECopierFailed -2147220478Error with the object copier.
NISysCfg_FileOperationFailed-2147220477Error performing a file operation.
NISysCfg_NameCollisionError-2147220476Names from one expert have collided with another expert.
NISysCfg_UnexpectedError -2147220475Unexpected error has happened.
NISysCfg_NCENoStreamError-2147220474The expert requested its stream for import but one does not exist because it did not export a stream.
NISysCfg_NCECompressionError-2147220473Error compressing or decompressing file.
NISysCfg_NCEStreamReadError -2147220472Error reading from a stream
NISysCfg_NCEStreamWriteError-2147220471Error writing to a stream
NISysCfg_NCEStreamSeekError -2147220470Error seeking to a position in a stream
NISysCfg_NCERepoNotReady -2147220469Repository not ready to be exported
NISysCfg_NCERepoInvalid-2147220468The file or stream from which to import the repository is not a valid repository.
NISysCfg_NCERepoIncompat -2147220467The repository was exported with a newer version of MAX than what is on the importing machine
NISysCfg_NCENoImportStorage -2147220466The import storage could not be opened
NISysCfg_NCENoExportStorage -2147220465The export storage could not be created
NISysCfg_NCENoObjCopier-2147220464The object copier could not be created
NISysCfg_CopyInProgress-2147220463A PortCfg operation is already in progress
NISysCfg_FileNotRecognized-2147220462The custom file does not belong to a given expert
NISysCfg_SystemNotSupported -2147220461A specified system is not supported by this expert
NISysCfg_SystemNotReachable -2147220460A specified system is presumably supported, but network errors prevent connection
NISysCfg_ProductSoftwareNotInstalled-2147220459The product is not installed on the specified system
NISysCfg_ProductSoftwareTooOld -2147220458The product is installed on the remote system, but is too old.
NISysCfg_ProductSoftwareTooNew-2147220457The product is installed on the remote system, but is too new.
NISysCfg_DataTooOld-2147220456The import data is too old. The product is not backward-compatible with this data.
NISysCfg_DataTooNew-2147220455The import data is too new. The product is not forward-compatible with this data.
NISysCfg_NoItemsToCopy-2147220454The operation failed because no source items were specified
NISysCfg_OrphanItems-2147220453The operation failed because some items were orphans
NISysCfg_DirtyItems-2147220452The operation failed because some items were in-edit and not saved
NISysCfg_FileOverwrite-2147220451The operation failed because it would overwrite a file
NISysCfg_ItemOverwrite-2147220450The operation failed because it would overwrite items
NISysCfg_MissingDependency-2147220449The operation failed because of missing dependency items
NISysCfg_OperationTimedOut-2147220448The operation timed out.
NISysCfg_OperationCanceled-2147220447The operation was canceled by the client
NISysCfg_WarningConflicts-2147220446The operation failed because of warning conflicts
NISysCfg_ErrorConflicts-2147220445The operation failed because of general conflicts.
NISysCfg_ItemsRequireUserInput-2147220444The operation failed because of unresolved conflicts requiring user input.
NISysCfg_ProductExpertNotReady-2147220443An expert is not ready to accept the specified source or destination, but may become ready in the future
NISysCfg_OrphanFiles-2147220442The operation failed because some files were orphans
NISysCfg_IsConst-2147220441Caller called a non-const method on an object that is logically const.
NISysCfg_UnsupportedProductMode-2147220440An expert does not support the attempted copy mode (e.g. merge to file, etc.).
NISysCfg_RestartLocalhostAmbiguous-2147220372To reboot your system, either specify 'localhost' on the front panel for Session in, or call Initialize Session first.
NISysCfg_ImageInvalidCorrupt-2147220371The image is corrupt or the file type is invalid.
NISysCfg_SafeOrInstallModeRequired-2147220370Can only perform this action in safe or install mode, and the 'auto restart' flag was false.
NISysCfg_EncryptPhraseMismatch-2147220369The encryption passphrase when applying an image was not the same as when the image was created.
NISysCfg_InvalidIP-2147220368IP Address was invalid.
NISysCfg_InvalidGateway-2147220367Gateway was invalid.
NISysCfg_InvalidDNS-2147220366DNS was invalid.
NISysCfg_InvalidSubnet-2147220365Subnet was invalid.
NISysCfg_CmdNotSupported -2147220364Command is not supported by given protocol.
NISysCfg_ConfigFailed -2147220363Remote system replied with failure to config command.
NISysCfg_Locked-2147220362Remote system is locked. Requires a password to configure.
NISysCfg_BadPassword-2147220361Password supplied for operation is invalid.
NISysCfg_NotConfigurable -2147220360The remote device is not configurable for some reason other than password.
NISysCfg_UnlockFailed -2147220359Failed to unlock the system.
NISysCfg_LockFailed-2147220358Failed to lock the system.
NISysCfg_InstallFailed-2147220357General installation failure.
NISysCfg_InstallationCorrupt-2147220356Installation component files were not found in the repository or were corrupt.
NISysCfg_EmptyFile-2147220355Installation file was empty.
NISysCfg_UnconfiguredIP-2147220354The system must have a valid IP before certain operations such as installation. Cannot be
NISysCfg_InstallationGenericFailure-2147220352General install error.
NISysCfg_DownloadAlreadyStarted-2147220350Installation to the specified target has already started. Multiple installations are not allowed at the same time.
NISysCfg_Aborted-2147220349Remote action aborted.
NISysCfg_DiskFull-2147220338Hard Drive on the remote system is either full or encountered an I/O error.
NISysCfg_HDFormatFailed-2147220337Hard Drive Format failed.
NISysCfg_HDFormatNotSafeMode-2147220336System must be in safe mode before attempting Hard Drive Format.
NISysCfg_HDFormatRebootFailed -2147220335System failed to reboot after Hard Drive format. System is in unknown state.
NISysCfg_GetRemoteFilesFailed -2147220331Failed to get one or more files while creating system image.
NISysCfg_PutRemoteFilesFailed -2147220330Failed to put one or more files while applying system image.
NISysCfg_InvalidImage -2147220329The specified path does not point to a valid image.
NISysCfg_ImageDeviceCodeMismatch -2147220328The image is for a different device class and is incompatible with the target.
NISysCfg_SystemMismatch-2147220327The image was not originally created from the specified target.
NISysCfg_HDFormatWrongFS -2147220326The requested file system is not supported on the specified target.
NISysCfg_CustomInstallNotSupported -2147220325The specified target does not supported custom software installations.
NISysCfg_FTPFailed-2147220324A file transfer error (FTP or WebDAV) occurred.
NISysCfg_Timeout-2147220323Operation timed out.
NISysCfg_FileNotFound -2147220322The specified file was not found.
NISysCfg_DirNotFound-2147220321The specified directory was not found.
NISysCfg_PathNotFound-2147220320The specified file or directory path was not found.
NISysCfg_NoSoftwareAvailable-2147220319No software is available for install.
NISysCfg_OverwriteError-2147220318The file or directory exists and the overwrite flag was false.
NISysCfg_HDFormatCannotKeepCfg-2147220317Cannot keep configuration after formatting HD.
NISysCfg_FileOrPathTooLong-2147220316Filename or pathname is longer than what the server supports.
NISysCfg_DDPInternalTimeout-2147220315Failed when communicating with the system. This issue is usually caused by a high latency in the network. Refer to KnowledgeBase article 42GH3O00 on for possible solutions.
NISysCfg_IOPermissionDenied-2147220314The operation failed because of insufficient permissions.
NISysCfg_PathAlreadyExists-2147220313The operation failed because the path already exists.
NISysCfg_ExecutionFailure-2147220312The execution of an external command, script, or application failed.
NISysCfg_DownloadError-2147220311Failed to download the file from the RT image repository.
NISysCfg_NetSendFailed-2147220309Failed to send command.
NISysCfg_ContactHostDisconnected -2147220308Could not contact remote target. Ensure that the system is online.
NISysCfg_NetSvcDown-2147220307Could not access network.
NISysCfg_NotConfirmed -2147220306Command was not confirmed. The result of operation is uncertain.
NISysCfg_HostNotResolved -2147220305Hostname could not be resolved by DNS.
NISysCfg_RebootTimeout-2147220304Timeout while waiting for reboot. System is offline.
NISysCfg_NoConfirmationFP1600 -2147220303Sending new configuration operation returned a failure, but might not necessarily have failed.
NISysCfg_DuplicateStartup-2147220300Cannot install more than one startup component.
NISysCfg_RemoteInvalidArgument -2147220299Invalid argument passed.
NISysCfg_NotUninstallable-2147220298Cannot uninstall a component: there are dependencies.
NISysCfg_DuplicatesNotAllowed -2147220297Cannot install multiple packages of the same component.
NISysCfg_NotInstallable-2147220296Cannot install a component: there are dependencies.
NISysCfg_WrongDevice-2147220295Component will not work on this target.
NISysCfg_WrongOS-2147220294Component will not work on this operating system.
NISysCfg_OSVersionTooOld -2147220293A BIOS update is required before installing.
NISysCfg_IOError-2147220292Cannot open file or folder.
NISysCfg_CorruptConfig-2147220291Duplicate or missing components on target installation.
NISysCfg_BufferOverflow-2147220290Buffer overflow. The size is too small.
NISysCfg_UnsupportedCDFVersion-2147220289Unsupported version of CDF format. Needs a newer version of MAX or NI System Configuration.
NISysCfg_InvalidStack -2147220288Invalid software set.
NISysCfg_IncompleteStack -2147220287Incompletely specified list of packages. Some hidden dependencies were added.
NISysCfg_StackItemMissing-2147220286One or more Software Set items could not be found in the repository.
NISysCfg_TopLevelHiddenComponentError -2147220285There is a top-level hidden component installed.
NISysCfg_InvalidAddon -2147220284A component was passed in that is not an add-on.
NISysCfg_NoRTImagesFolder-2147220283Could not find the RT Images repository location.
NISysCfg_NoRTImagesRegistry -2147220282Couldn't read the RT Images registry key.
NISysCfg_NoRTS2CDF-2147220281Could not find the rts2cdf conversion utility.
NISysCfg_UnsupportedOS-2147220280The operating system is not supported.
NISysCfg_ExactVersionRequired -2147220279Unspecified version while trying to install exact version of a component.
NISysCfg_InvalidMACFormat-2147220278Unsupported MAC address format. Supply the MAC address as a colon separated string of characters instead of Hex display.
NISysCfg_InvalidStartup-2147220277A component was passed in that is not a startup.



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