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Edition Date: October 2012

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The following documents contain information that you may find helpful as you use this help file and are available at Start»All Programs»National Instruments»NI Video Measurement Suite»Documentation:

  • NI Video Measurement Suite Readme
  • NI PXIe-1491 Getting Started Guide
  • NI PXIe-1491 Specifications
  • Multimedia Test Readme
  • Multimedia Test LabVIEW Reference

The following documents contain information that you may find helpful as you use this help file:

  • NI CEC Analyzer Help—This document is available at Start»All Programs»National Instruments»NI CEC Analyzer»Documentation after installing NI VMS.
  • NI EDID Update Utility Help—This document is available at Start»All Programs»National Instruments»NI EDID Update Utility»Documentation after installing NI VMS.
  • NI TestStand Help (Start»All Programs»National Instruments»TestStand»Documentation)

The following resources contain information about concepts related to NI VMS.

Note Note:  The following resources offer useful background information about the general concepts discussed in this help file. These resources are provided for general informational purposes only and are not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by National Instruments. The content of these resources are not a representation of, may not correspond to, and do not imply current or future functionality in any other National Instruments product.

Composite Standards

  • ITU-R BT.470-6 (1998), Television Systems (formerly CCIR Rep. 624)
  • ITU-R BT.472-3 (1990), Video-Frequency Characteristics of a Television System to be Used for the International Exchange of Programmes Between Countries That Have Adopted 625-Line Colour or Monochrome Systems
  • SMPTE 170M-1999, Television – Composite Analog Video Signal – NTSC for Studio Applications
  • SMPTE RP 177-1995, Derivation of Basic Television Color Equations
  • Video Standards – Signals, Formats, and Interfaces, Victor Steinberg, Snell & Wilcox Ltd, 1997

Composite Measurements

  • CCIR Rec. 471-1 (1986), Nomenclature and Description of Colour Bar Signals
  • SMPTE EG 1-1990, Alignment Color Bar Test Signal for Television Picture Monitors
  • ITU-T J.61 (1990), Transmission Performance of Television Circuits Designed for Use in International Connections (formerly CCIR Rec. 567)
  • ITU-T J.62 (1978), Single Value of the Signal-to-Noise Ratio for All Television Systems (formerly CCIR Rec. 568)
  • ITU-T J.63 (1990), Insertion of Test Signals in the Field-Blanking Interval of Monochrome and Colour Television Signals (formerly CCIR Rec. 473)
  • ITU-T J.64 (1986), Definitions of Parameters for Simplified Automatic Measurement of Television Insertion Test Signals (formerly CCIR Rec. 569)
  • ITU-T J.65 (1978), Standard Test Signal for Conventional Loading of a Television Channel (formerly CCIR Rec. 570)
  • ITU-T N.67 (1993), Monitoring Television Transmissions – Use of the Field Blanking Interval
  • ITU-R BT.1439 (2000), Measurement Methods Applicable in the Analogue Television Studio and the Overall Analogue Television System
  • 25W-7075-1, Television Measurement – PAL Systems, Tektronix, 1991
  • 25W-7049-2, Television Measurement – NTSC Systems, Tektronix, 1994

Component Standards

  • SMPTE 240M-1999, Television – Signal Parameters – 1125-Line High-Definition Production Systems
  • SMPTE 253M-1998, Television – Three-Channel RGB Analog Video Interface
  • SMPTE 260M-1999, Television – 1125/60 High-Definition Production System – Digital Representation and Bit-Parallel Interface
  • SMPTE 274M-1998, Television – 1920 x 1080 Scanning and Analog and Parallel Digital Interfaces for Multiple Picture Rates
  • SMPTE 293M-1996, Television – 720 x 483 Active Line at 59.94Hz Progressive Scan Production – Digital Representation
  • SMPTE 295M-1997, Television – 1920 x 1080 50 Hz – Scanning and Interfaces
  • SMPTE 296M-2001, Television – 1280 x 720 Progressive Image Sample Structure – Analog and Digital Representation and Analog Interface
  • SMPTE RP 160-1997, Three-Channel Parallel Analog Component High-Definition Video Interface
  • SMPTE RP 211-2000, Implementation of 24P, 25P and 30P Segmented Frames for 1920 x 1080 Production Format
  • SMPTE RP 219 (Proposed Recommended Practice), High-Definition, Standard-Definition Compatible Color Bar Signal
  • ITU-R BT.709-4 (2000), Parameter Values for the HDTV Standards for Production and International Programme Exchange
  • ITU-R BT.1120-3 (2000), Digital Interfaces for 1125/60/2:1 and 1250/50/2:1 HDTV Studio Signals
  • ITU-R BT.1200-1 (1998), Target Standard for Digital Video Systems for the Studio and for International Programme Exchange
  • ITU-R BT.1358 (1998), Studio Parameters of 625 and 525 Line Progressive Scan Television Systems
  • IEC/CEA 770.2-C (2001), Standard Definition TV Analog Component Video Interface
  • IEC/CEA 770.3-C (2001), High Definition TV Analog Component Video Interface

Component Measurements

  • Television Measuring Techniques for Analogue Component Signals in the Studio Area, P. Wolf, IERE 3rd Int. Conf. On Television Measurements, Publication no. 74, 1987
  • Analogue Component Video Parameters and Test Methods for a DBS Playout Centre, P. A. King, IERE 3rd Int. Conf. On Television Measurements, Publication no. 74, 1987
  • SMPTE RP 219 (Proposed Recommended Practice), High-Definition, Standard-Definition Compatible Color Bar Signal

Digital Standards

  • Digital Visual Interface DVI, Revision 1.0
  • ITU-R BT.601-5, Studio Encoding Parameters of Digital Television for Standard 4:3 and Wide-Screen 16:9 Aspect Ratios
  • High-Definition Multimedia Interface

VBI Signals & Measurements

  • ETSI EN 300 294 v1.4.1 (2003-04), Television Systems; 625-Line Television Wide Screen Signalling (WSS)
  • ITU-R BT.653-2 (1994), Teletext Systems
  • ITU-R BT.1119-1 (1995), Wide-Screen Signalling for Broadcasting
  • ITU-T J.101 (1990), Measurement Methods and Test Procedures for Teletext Signals (formerly CCIR Rec. 720)
  • IEC/CEA 608-B (2000), Line 21 Data Services
  • Widescreen Signalling (WSS), Application Note AN9716.1, Intersil, August 1998


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