Error Codes (Model Interface Toolkit)

LabVIEW 2017 Model Interface Toolkit Help

Edition Date: May 2017

Part Number: 374160C-01

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The LabVIEW Model Interface Toolkit can return the following error codes. Refer to the KnowledgeBase for more information about correcting errors in the Model Interface Toolkit.

Code Description
-383251 Support for multirate models requires the NI VeriStand 2013 Model Framework requires version 2013.0.1.0 or later. Recompile your model using the appropriate version of the NI VeriStand Model Framework.
−383700 Operation on a parameter is incompatible with the Update Parameters In Line? property. 1) Cannot set a parameter in line when this property is FALSE. 2) Cannot get/set a parameter in background-priority code when this property is TRUE. Correct the value of this property to match the type of parameter operation you want to perform.
−383250 In multirate models, total number of subsystems with different rates exceeds maximum number allowed. Edit the model(s) to reduce the number of subsystems with different rates, and then rebuild the model(s).
−383204 Index is out of bounds.
−383203 Cannot start the model because the model has already been started.
−383202 Model error.
−383201 The reference to the model is invalid. Ensure you pass a valid model reference to this VI.
−383200 Cannot load model. Ensure the Model Library Path is valid and the model conforms to the NI VeriStand Model Framework header file (NIVERISTAND_API.h).


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