Using C/C++ Models (Model Interface Toolkit)

LabVIEW 2017 Model Interface Toolkit Help

Edition Date: May 2017

Part Number: 374160C-01

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The Model Interface API can run models you create in C/C++ and compile into a DLL, .out, or .so file. The models must be designed and compiled to work with the NI VeriStand Model Framework.

Refer to the NI VeriStand Model Framework Introduction guide (NI_VStand_Model_Framework_Guide.pdf in the RootDrive:\VeriStand\xxxx\ModelInterface\custom directory, where RootDrive is the drive where NI software installs and xxxx is the NI VeriStand version number) for information about creating and compiling C/C++ models that are compatible with the NI VeriStand Model Framework. This guide describes the components of the NI VeriStand Model Framework, the process for creating model code that is compatible with the framework, and requirements for compiling your model with the framework.

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