Supported Model Types and Modeling Environments (Model Interface Toolkit)

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Edition Date: May 2017

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The following table describes Model Interface Toolkit support for common types of models. The Model Interface Toolkit uses the NI VeriStand Model Framework to execute functions in your models, so supported models are those that are compatible with the framework.

Supported? Model Type Support Considerations

The MathWorks, Inc. Simulink® model compiled using The MathWorks, Inc. Real-Time Workshop®1 Runs on the following target types in the specified compiled formats:
  • Windows PC—DLL
  • Phar Lap ETS RT targets—DLL
  • VxWorks RT targets—.out
  • NI Linux Real-Time targets—.so

Uncompiled model from The MathWorks, Inc. Simulink software You must compile these models before you can use them with the Model Interface API.

C/C++ Refer to the NI VeriStand Model Framework Introduction guide2 for information about creating and compiling C/C++ models that are compatible with the NI VeriStand Model Framework.

LabVIEW VI compiled as a .lvmodel1 Runs on Windows PCs. Also runs on Phar Lap ETS RT targets as long as the VI does not contain code with certain Windows function calls that the ETS real-time operating system does not support.

LabVIEW VI compiled as a .lvmodelso1 Runs on Linux x64 and Linux ARM.
Note  You must install additional software to enable LabVIEW models for targets running a Linux Real-Time OS. For more information about how to use LabVIEW models with Linux, visit the NI website. The Model Interface Toolkit is not supported on x64 Intel-based cDAQ controllers running NI Linux Real-Time.

Compiled models from other environments Several modeling environments can build compiled models that work with the NI VeriStand Model Framework.

Models compiled for use with the LabVIEW Simulation Interface Toolkit You must recompile these models before you can use them with the Model Interface API.
1 Refer to the following KnowledgeBase document at for a list of the versions of the LabVIEW, Windows, model compiler, and The MathWorks, Inc. software you can use with the Model Interface Toolkit: NI VeriStand Version Compatibility.

2 NI_VStand_Model_Framework_Guide.pdf in the RootDrive:\VeriStand\xxxx\ModelInterface\custom directory, where RootDrive is the drive where NI software installs and xxxx is the NI VeriStand version number.

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Simulink Model Compatibility

In the Simulink software, you can convert models that use only a fixed step-size ordinary differential equation (ODE) solver into compiled models. Additionally, you must turn off data logging in the Simulink application software. Refer to the Simulink documentation for information about using the Simulink application software to change the ODE solver of a model and turn off data logging.

Troubleshooting Missing Options in Modeling Environments

If features for compiling models, such as the NIVeriStand.tlc—NI Real-Time Target system target file in the Simulink software, are missing, ensure all required NI components are installed. The Model Interface Toolkit does not install features for compiling models. However, the components that install this support are available for installation from the same NI VeriStand DVD that contains the Model Interface Toolkit. More information.


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