Implementing a LabWindows/CVI Custom Code Generator

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Edition Date: June 2018

Part Number: 374205B-01

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You can build a DLL that exports all the custom code generator callback functions the translator references when creating the code modules. You can implement one or more callbacks in a custom code generator.

Enable the LabWindows/CVI option on the Code Module Settings tab of the ATML Test Description Translator Configuration dialog box and use the Path to Custom Code Generator DLL control to specify the file path to the DLL that contains all the callback functions.

The ATML Toolkit includes an example that demonstrates how the translator uses the custom code generator DLL to create complete LabWindows/CVI code modules. The translator calls a custom code generator DLL during translation or during an incremental update.

National Instruments recommends that you use specific LabWindows/CVI function prototypes and Microsoft Visual C++ function prototypes as a starting point for implementing a function that calls a specific code generator callback. In addition, you can complete the LabWindows/CVI custom code generator tutorial to create a LabWindows/CVI code generator DLL.

Note Note  When you create a function in a C file to implement a custom code generator callback, the function must use the same name as the LabWindows/CVI or Visual C++ function prototype that implements the same callback. For example, if you create a function to implement the PreTranslateAction callback, the function name must be CodeGenerator_PreTranslateAction(). If you use a function prototype as a starting point to implement a callback, National Instruments recommends that you copy the example source files to another location and modify the copies so that you do not modify the examples the ATML Toolkit installs.

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