Calling a LabWindows/CVI Custom Code Generator DLL during an Incremental Update

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Edition Date: June 2018

Part Number: 374205B-01

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The example located in the <TestStand Public>\Examples\Toolkits\ATMLTDTranslator\Code Generator\CVI directory demonstrates how the ATML TD translator uses a custom code generator DLL to incrementally update LabWindows/CVI code modules.

Complete the following steps to use the example.

  1. Complete the steps in the Recommended LabWindows/CVI Function Prototypes tutorial to translate <TestStand Public>\Examples\Toolkits\ATMLTDTranslator\Translator\Test Description 1.0\Computer 1.0.xml, which is an ATML TD instance document, to a TestStand sequence file and a set of LabWindows/CVI code modules using a LabWindows/CVI custom code generator DLL.
  2. In LabWindows/CVI, open <TestStand Public>\Examples\Toolkits\ATMLTDTranslator\Code Generator\CVI\CVICodeGenerator.prj.
  3. Build the project to generate the DLL.
  4. In TestStand, select Tools»Configure ATML TD Translator to launch the ATML Test Description Translator Configuration dialog box.
  5. Click the General Settings Tab and enable the Update Sequence File option.
  6. Click the Code Module Settings tab and enable the LabWindows/CVI option.
  7. Click the Browse button next to the Path to the Custom Code Generator DLL control and browse to the path of the DLL you built in step 3.
  8. Click OK to close the ATML Test Description Translator Configuration dialog box.
  9. Close all open sequence files.
  10. Select File»Open File to launch the File Open dialog box.
  11. Browse to <TestStand Public>\Examples\Toolkits\ATMLTDTranslator\Translator\Test Description 1.0\Computer 1.0 - Update.xml.
  12. Click Open. The Update Options dialog box launches.
  13. Enable the Use the Selected File to Update option and click the Browse button to select the Computer.seq sequence file you created in the Recommended LabWindows/CVI Function Prototypes tutorial. The translator updates the existing sequence file and the LabWindows/CVI code modules it had previously created.

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