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Edition Date: June 2018

Part Number: 374205B-01

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The ATML TD translator creates a simple type or strict type local variable for a <TestResult> or <SessionDatum> element if the <TestResult> or <SessionDatum> element contains a <ValueDescription>/ <DatumDescription> child element.

The xsi:type attribute of the <DatumDescription> element contains a value that describes a data type value that the <DatumDescription> element specifies, such as booleanDescription and doubleDescription.

Completing the Partial Test Program Completing the Partial Test Program  The translator translates the <Confidence>, <ErrorLimits>, <Range>, and <Resolution> child elements of the <DatumDescription> element as TestStand PropertyObject attributes of the parameter. You must implement the logic the <Confidence>, <ErrorLimits>, <Range>, and <Resolution> elements describe.

If the xsi:type attribute of the <DatumDescription> element specifies a value of ConnectionDatumDescription, the translator creates an unstructured container local variable for the parameter in the translated sequence. You must implement the parameter in the sequence.

Refer to the post-translation recommended actions section of the log file for more information about the elements you must implement.

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