Storing TD Instance Document Attributes in a Translated Sequence

TestStand ATML Toolkit 2017 Help

Edition Date: June 2018

Part Number: 374205B-01

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ATML TD instance documents define attributes for most elements.

TestStand uses the NI.ATML.TDTranslator.ATMLAttributes namespace to store ATML TD attributes in the attributes of the TestStand construct, such as a step, variable, sequence, or sequence file. Use the Attributes dialog box in TestStand to view the attributes of a construct. Use the TestStand PropertyObject API to programmatically retrieve the attributes property associated with a TestStand construct.

Note Note  You cannot use the SequenceCallModule.Parameters property of the TestStand API to return the attributes of module parameters of a step that uses the Sequence Adapter. Instead, you must get or set the parameter attributes on child variables of the TS.SData.ActualArgs variable of the step.

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