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<TestResultDescriptions> Element

The ATML TD translator translates the <TestGroup>/<TestResultDescriptions>/<TestResultDescription> element as a parameter variable of the TestStand sequence.

The translator names the variable sequenceName_TestResult_testResultName, where sequenceName is the name attribute of the corresponding <TestGroup> element and testResultName is the name attribute of the <TestResultDescription> element.

The translator creates all test results variables by reference and initializes them with the value the <TestResultDescription>/<ValueDescription>/<DatumDescription>/<NominalValue> element describes. If the <NominalValue> element does not exist, the translator initializes all number-based parameters as indeterminate numbers (IND) and initializes all other data type parameters with TestStand default values for those types.

Completing the Partial Test Program Completing the Partial Test Program  If the xsi:type attribute of the <TestResultDescription>/<ValueDescription>/<DatumDescription> element specifies a value of ConnectionDatumDescription, the translator creates an unstructured container local variable for the parameter in the translated sequence. You must manually associate the parameter with the variable in the TestStand. Refer to the post-translation recommended actions section of the log file for more information about the elements you must implement.
Incremental Update Incremental Update  The translator uses the values of the name and ID attributes of the <TestResultDescription> element to identify the parameter variable to update. The translator updates the parameter in TestStand that corresponds to a <TestResultDescription> element if you modify the <TestResultDescription> element in the source TD instance document.
Note Note  If a <TestResultDescription> element includes an xsi:type attribute with a value of complexDescription or dateTimeDescription, the translator creates an instance of an NI_ATMLComplex or NI_ATMLDateTime type, respectively, to use for the parameter variable the translator creates for the <TestResultDescription> element. The ATMLTDTypes.ini type palette file defines the NI_ATMLComplex and NI_ATMLDateTime types to avoid conflict with the Complex and DateTime types in TestStand, respectively.

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