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Edition Date: June 2018

Part Number: 374205B-01

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The ATML TD translator creates a TestStand sequence for a <TestGroup> element of the TestGroupDiagnosticModel type and translates each <ActionReference> child element as a step in the Main step group. Each step includes a Goto Next Step post action with a status of Pass or Fail.

A <TestGroup> element of the TestGroupDiagnosticModel type contains a <DiagnosticModel> child element that describes an external diagnostic model that a diagnostic reasoner uses to determine the order in which translated steps execute. The diagnostic model conforms to the IEEE Std 1232 standard.

However, TestStand does not inherently support interaction with the diagnostic model the ATML TD schema defines. Instead, you can manually mimic a diagnostic reasoner in TestStand. The translator creates a Label step in the Main step group and copies the XML content of the <DiagnosticModel> element to the description of the Label step. The translator also adds instructions to the description for modifying the sequence to use the diagnostic model the <DiagnosticModel> element specifies and mimic diagnostic reasoner behavior.

Completing the Partial Test Program Completing the Partial Test Program  Use the information in the Label step description to implement the logic required to mimic a diagnostic reasoner. Refer to the post-translation recommended actions section of the log file for more information about how you can implement the logic the <TestGroup> element of the TestGroupDiagnosticModel type describes.
Incremental Update Incremental Update  The translator uses the value of the actionID attribute of the <ActionReference> element to identify the TestStand step to update. If the translator locates the TestStand step, it updates the step. If the translator cannot locate the step, the translator inserts a new step that corresponds to the <Action> element the actionID attribute of the <ActionReference> element references.

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