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Edition Date: June 2018

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A <TestGroup> element of the TestGroupParallel type requires that you execute all steps in the sequence in parallel.

The ATML TD translator creates a TestStand sequence for a <TestGroup> element of the TestGroupParallel type and creates a new subsequence for each <ActionReference> child element. The translator names the subsequence TestGroupParallelStep_<actionName>, where actionName is the value of the name attribute of the <Action> element the <ActionReference> element references.

The new subsequence contains one step in the Main step group the translator translates from the <Action> element the <ActionReference> element references.

In the sequence the translator creates for the parent <TestGroup> element, the translator adds Sequence Call steps that call in a new thread the subsequence created for an <ActionReference> element. Execution of this sequence is not complete until all sequence calls performed on threads terminate.

Note Note  When more than one <ActionReference> element refers to the same <Action> element, the translator creates only one sequence.
Incremental Update Incremental Update  The translator uses the value of the actionID attribute of the <ActionReference> element to identify the subsequence to update. The translator incrementally updates the subsequence if you modified the child elements of a <TestGroup> element of the TestGroupParallel type.

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