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Edition Date: June 2018

Part Number: 374205B-01

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The ATML TD translator creates a TestStand sequence for each <TestGroup> element of the TestGroupSequence type. The name of the sequence is the value of the name attribute of the <TestGroup> element. Each step in the sequence represents an execution of a test, session action, or a test group.

The translator creates a step in the sequence for each <Step> child element. The <Step>/<ActionReference> element contains an actionID attribute that references the ID attribute of an <Action> element that describes the action for the step to perform. The translator copies the step and local variable information the translator previously created in the ATMLTDDataSequence for the referenced <Action> element to the sequence the translator creates for the <TestGroup> element.

A <TestGroup> element of the TestGroupSequence type can contain the following child elements, in addition to the elements defined for all <TestGroup> types.

  • <EntryPoints>—The translator creates a Goto step for an <EntryPoints> element and inserts the step as the first step of the Main step group in the translated sequence. The translator specifies that the destination step for the Goto step is the step the translator creates for a <Step> element if the <EntryPoints>/<EntryPoint> element meets the following conditions:
    • The <EntryPoint> element contains an ID attribute value that matches the value of the primaryEntryPointID attribute of the parent <EntryPoints> element
    • The <EntryPoint> element contains a stepID attribute value that matches the value of the ID attribute of the <Step> element
  • <Steps>—The translator creates a TestStand step for each <Steps>/<Step> element specified in the TD instance document using the name attribute of the <Step> element, if present, as the step name. The translator translates all other attributes of the <Step> element as TestStand attributes of the translated step.
Incremental Update Incremental Update  The translator uses the value of the actionID attribute of the <ActionReference> element to identify the TestStand step to update. If the translator cannot locate the step, the translator inserts a new step that corresponds to the <Action> element the actionID attribute of the <ActionReference> element references.

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