Completing the Partial Test Program

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Edition Date: June 2018

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The ATML TD schema defines a number of elements that the ATML TD translator cannot directly translate to constructs in TestStand or logic in LabVIEW or LabWindows/CVI code modules. By default, the translator stores the elements it cannot directly translate as comments or TestStand attributes in various places in the translated sequence file and code modules.

The collection of a commented sequence file and code modules is a partial test program.

The post-translation recommended actions section of the log file lists the elements the translator translates but cannot implement and describes how you must implement the required functionality to complete the test program the source TD instance document originally described.

You can manually implement the operations and logic the comments in the sequence file and code modules describe. Because the elements translated as attribute containers or comments do not correspond to specific TestStand constructs, you can use a custom solution, such as a custom step type in TestStand, to implement the missing operations and logic.

Alternatively, you can use the custom code generator callbacks during translation to programatically translate the code module comments to code that implements the logic required to complete the test program.

Completing the Partial Test Program Completing the Partial Test Program  Refer to paragraphs that contain the partial test program icon, shown at left, in the individual TD element topics in this help file for information about how the translator stores information for the elements it cannot translate as comments or attributes and about how you can manually implement the logic the elements in the source TD instance document describe.

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