Flow of Steps for Translating a <TestGroup> Element

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Edition Date: June 2018

Part Number: 374205B-01

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CodeModuleGenerator_SetupTranslateTestGroup callback <TestGroup> element CodeModuleGenerator_TranslateTestGroup callback <Step> element CodeModuleGenerator_PreTranslateStep callback TestGroupParallel type CodeModuleGenerator_PostTranslateStep callback <Step> element CodeModuleGenerator_PostTranslateTestGroup callback <TestGroup> element CodeModuleGenerator_CleanupTranslateTestGroup callback

The following diagram shows the flow of steps the ATML TD translator completes when translating the <TestGroups> element and each <TestGroup> child element. Matching colors indicate corresponding begin/end steps, setup/cleanup steps, or contained loops.

Click the steps in the following image for more information about the element or elements described in the step.

Flow of Steps for Translating <TestGroup> Elements

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