Evaluation Locations for Alarm Rules

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Edition Date: December 2018

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Parent Topic:   Defining an Alarm Rule

NI InsightCM Server evaluates alarm rules in one of two ways, depending on their source. The following list describes the two ways:

Note  System alarms are always evaluated on the server.
  • Evaluate on device/measurement alarms—Devices continuously monitor the alarm source. If the alarm rule is true, the device notifies NI InsightCM Server to set an alarm. Rules whose source is a feature or spectral band value are always measurement alarms.
  • Evaluate by server processes/system alarms—NI InsightCM Server periodically evaluates these alarm rules when devices send data files. If the device performs periodic acquisitions once per hour, the alarm rule might be true for several minutes before NI InsightCM Server sets an alarm. Rules whose source is a service or a device or channel status are examples of system alarms.

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