Viewing the History of an Alarm Rule

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Edition Date: December 2018

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Parent Topic: Getting Started with Monitoring the System

This dialog box records every instance in which an alarm was set due to a particular alarm rule.

Alarm Instances for Changed Alarm Rules

If you edit the definition of an alarm rule, any historical alarm instances remain associated with the original alarm rule. For example, if you change the trigger expression for a rule, and then launch this dialog box, the NI InsightCM web application does not display the historical instances. The historical instances remain associated with the alarm rule as it existed when the alarm was set.

What do you want to do?

Task Action
View the rule that caused NI InsightCM Server to set an alarm, as well as any transitions the alarm made between set and cleared. Click the View Alarm Rule button to see the settings for the rule that caused the alarm. You cannot edit the alarm rule in this dialog box.
See notes that users have added to an alarm instance, or add new a new note to the alarm instance. Select the instance. On the Details pane, the Notes section displays existing notes and allows you to add new notes.

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