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Edition Date: December 2018

Part Number: 374498G-01

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Location: In the navigation bar at the top of the page, click the arrow next to the Configuration button and select Devices in the pull-down menu. Double-click a device in the list on the Devices tab.

This tab allows you to configure several settings for device channels.

What do you want to do?

Task Action
Add a channel to map to a sensor. Click the Add button and select a channel from the Add Channels dialog box. Switch to the Equipment Mapping tab and select the channel you added in the Channels section. Select the senor you want to map the channel to in the asset tree.
Note  When you save the device configuration, the NI InsightCM web application removes any channels not mapped to a sensor.
Configure one or more channels. Click the channel in the table at the left, and then use the tabs at the right to configure the channel.
Tip  To configure properties for multiple channels, <Ctrl>- or <Shift>-click the channels. The tabs in the right-hand pane update to show only properties that the selected channels share.
Remove one or more channels that you do not want to acquire from. Select the channel(s) in the table at the left of the page, and then click the Remove button above the table.
Learn about tasks you perform on the Properties sub-tab to configure a channel. Refer to Channel Properties Tab on Device Configuration Page.
Learn about other tabs on the Device Configuration page. Refer to the list of device-configuration tabs.

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