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Edition Date: December 2018

Part Number: 374498G-01

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Location: On any device-related page, select Device Dashboard from the View menu .

This page provides a summary of the following information for a specific device: online/offline status, health information, channel status, alarm activity, file activity, and features calculated from the most recently acquired channel data.

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Task Action
See more information about an active alarm, such as its rule and any transitions between set and cleared. Click within the Alarms table to open the Alarms page.
Resize, expand, and collapse sections and customize the columns in tables of device information. For information about customizing the NI InsightCM web application user interface, refer to Customizing the Appearance of the NI InsightCM Web Application .
Watch data update while the device performs an acquisition, reboots, or you test its connection. Click the Action menu and select the action you want to perform. To see the latest device data on this page, configure the Auto Refresh option or click the Refresh button.
See graphs of health statistics, including the available memory, CPU usage, drive space, and the response time to pings, over a configurable time range. Click the View menu and select Device Health.
Change settings in a device configuration, such as acquisition triggers, alarm rules, and the types of measurements that channels perform. Click the View button and select Device Configuration to open the Device Configuration page.
Note   The Features table updates only when data is available from a channel whose status is okay.

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