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Edition Date: December 2018

Part Number: 374498G-01

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Location: In the navigation bar at the top of the page, click the arrow next to the Configuration button and select Devices in the pull-down menu.

This tab provides quick access to various device-related actions and pages. You also add new devices from this tab.

What do you want to do?

Task Action
Add a new device. Click the Add button and follow the instructions that appear onscreen. Refer to the procedure for Adding a New Device Configuration .
Interact with a device, such as by triggering an acquisition, resetting its password, or rebooting the device. Refer to the list of Tasks You Can Perform from the Action Menu .
Tip   To select multiple devices you want to force trigger or download software to, <Ctrl>-click or <Shift>-click device rows, and then select an item in the Action menu .
Update the device configuration to apply any changes you have made on other pages with the InsightCM web application. Select one or more devices and click the Update Configuration button at the top of the tab.
Change settings in a device configuration, such as sample rates, what channel an asset maps to, and what channels make up a data group. Double-click a device in the table to open its Device Configuration page.
See only devices with specific characters in their names. In the filter by device textbox at the top of the tab, enter the characters you want to see in device names. Filters are case-sensitive. You can apply only one filter at a time from this textbox.
Apply multiple filters to the device list. Click the Filter button next to the filter by device textbox at the top of the tab. In the resulting dialog box, you can narrow your results by the name, type, and configuration status of the device. Filters are case-sensitive.
Review the type and version of software on one or more devices and update the software if needed. Click the Software tab on this page.

Tasks You Can Perform from the Action Menu

The Action menu in the top-right corner of the page allows you to perform the following tasks:

Note  The items in this menu might differ according to the permissions assigned to your NI InsightCM web application role.
  • Force Trigger —Performs a one-time periodic acquisition according to the settings on the Device Configuration page.
  • Send Configuration —Updates the configuration on the device with the current version from the NI InsightCM web application. If the device is not online, NI InsightCM Server schedules the operation for when the device comes online.
  • Disable —Disabling a device does not affect its connection status but puts the device in an inactive state such that it does not collect files while disabled.
  • Connection —Contains the following options:
    • Test Connection —Reports the health of the connection between the server and device. This item is useful for troubleshooting devices that do not come online.
      Note  If a device is disconnected when you test its connection, NI InsightCM Server resets the connection.
    • Reset Connection —Resets the credentials that the server expects the device to possess and the credentials on the device so they match. This option can be useful for troubleshooting connection errors caused when credentials do not match. This option is available only for devices that are connected to the network.
    • Export Connection File —Prompts you to download a text file that contains connection-related properties. If a device is offline, you can transfer this file to the device via USB drive to bring the device online. You also can edit the IP address in this file, or set whether the IP address is static or dynamic, and then transfer the file to the device to apply the changes.
      Note  Exporting this file also resets the credentials that must match on both the server and device. In other words, if you export this file and the device is not online, you must transfer the file to the device. Otherwise, the device cannot connect to NI InsightCM Server.
  • Reboot —Restarts the device.
  • Clear Invalid Configuration—Removes the device from the InvalidConfig state in which it does not respond to any internal or external requests except requests to restart. If the NI InsightCM web application displays the device status as being InvalidConfig, this option can attempt to return the device to a functional state.
  • Rename Device —Changes the descriptive device name that appears throughout the NI InsightCM web application.
  • Import/Export —Contains the following options:
    • Export Configuration File —When you have a device selected, prompts you to download a JSON file containing a version of the device configuration. This file can be useful for troubleshooting issues. However, you cannot apply this file to a device to configure it.
    • Export Devices Spreadsheet —Downloads a .xlsx file that contains configuration information about one or more devices in the NI InsightCM web application. You can export a spreadsheet, make changes, and then import it to apply the changes.
    • Import Devices Spreadsheet —Prompts you to select a .xlsx full device spreadsheet file that you previously exported from this page. For more information about the difference between this type of device spreadsheet and a new-device spreadsheet, refer to Adding and Configuring Batches of Devices.

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