Adding, Changing, and Removing Viewers

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Edition Date: December 2018

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You can customize the workspace by adding, removing, or changing the types of viewers in the workspace.

If you create a layout you want to reuse, you can save that layout and restore it later. Refer to Saving and Loading Workspace Layouts.

Note  When you exit the Data Viewer page or switch modes, the workspace does not preserve your changes to the layout unless you save the layout.

Adding a New Viewer

Complete the following steps to add a new viewer to the workspace:

  1. Click the Layout menu in the top right-hand corner of the Data workspace.
  2. (Optional) Select New Row to add an empty row to the bottom of the workspace.
  3. Select Add Chart and choose which row you want to add your viewer to. The Data Viewer page adds an empty area at the row you selected.
Note  The Trend viewer is always the left-most viewer in the top row.

Changing the Type, Size, and Location of a Viewer

Complete the step listed for the property you want to change:

  • Viewer Type—Click the Layout menu in the toolbar for any viewer except the Trend viewer and select Chart type»Type. You cannot change the Trend viewer to a different viewer type.
  • Size—Hover over and drag the separating bars around any area, including the asset tree and properties pane.

Removing Rows and Charts

To remove any viewer except the Trend viewer, click the Layout menu on the viewer toolbar and select Remove this chart.

To remove an entire row of viewers, click the Layout menu on a viewer toolbar and select Remove entire row.

Note  The Trend viewer is always visible, and you cannot remove it from the workspace.

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