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Q: Can data loss occur when devices transfer trends and channel data to NI InsightCM Server?
A: No. NI Monitoring Devices transfers data to the server via lossless TCP/IP communication. Under normal network conditions, devices temporarily store data in memory until they transfer it to the server.

Q: What happens when a device loses its network connection to the server?
A: Devices continue acquiring data as usual, but they store data as files on their hard drives until the network connection is restored. Therefore, data loss does not occur unless the device runs out of disk space.

Q: How long can a device operate while disconnected from the server before it runs out of disk space for storing data files?
A: The time until a device runs out of disk space varies according to the frequency of acquisitions and the amount of data acquired. For example, a CMS-9036 device can quickly acquire large amounts of data during run-ups and coast-downs. However, given the following assumptions, a CMS-9068 device can typically acquire and store data for up to eighteen days before it runs out of disk space: The device acquires from twenty channels at the default sample rate (4,096 KB/s) and collection interval (once per hour).

Q: Do devices continue to store data in memory or on disk after they transfer the data to the server?
A: Devices delete data—both data in memory and data files on disk—after they successfully transfer the data to NI InsightCM Server. Deleting data after transfer ensures the device maintains free resources in the event that the network connection is lost.

Q: How can I avoid storing data when equipment is not in a known state or the data is not useful?
A: Configure a gating condition for each operating state. When you enable a gating condition, NI InsightCM Server stores data files only when the condition is true. An example of a condition is to store files only when the value of an RMS feature for a particular channel is above 0.1. Gating is useful if you want NI InsightCM Server to discard data from offline or malfunctioning equipment that is obviously invalid.

Q: How can I adjust communication-related settings, such as packet size, to improve performance on my network?
A: Configure the settings on the Device Configuration page»Device Properties tab. Refer to the List of Built-In Device Properties for descriptions of these properties.

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