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Edition Date: December 2018

Part Number: 374498G-01

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Location: In the navigation bar at the top of the page, click the arrow next to the Configuration button and select Devices in the pull-down menu.

This tab displays an overview of the application types and versions running on each device and allows you to update the application and firmware the device runs.

What do you want to do?

Task Action
Update the application on one or more devices to the latest version uploaded to NI InsightCM Server. Select one or more online devices and click the Update Application button. The NI InsightCM web application disables this button for offline devices.
Tip   This operation requires devices to reboot and might take several minutes to complete.
Return the device application running on the physical device to the application version that ran on the device before it was added to NI InsightCM Server. This is useful if you want to repurpose a device such that the configuration you have performed is no longer relevant for the physical device, such as when you move the device to a new location. You can also use this option to disconnect a device from NI InsightCM Server. Select a device, and then select Reset to Factory Default from the Action menu .
See if a more recent version of an application is available. For a specific device, compare the Configured Version and Latest Version columns in the device table to see if a more recent application version is available on the server.
Troubleshoot persistent errors with the device operation. Select a device, and then select Format Device from the Action menu . You can also request this action as an alternative to resetting a device to the default application if a third-party developed support for the device.
Change settings in a device configuration, such as sample rates, channel properties, and what channels make up a data group. Double-click a device in the table to open its Device Configuration page.

Available Applications

This tab allows you to update device applications to any version stored in NI InsightCM Server. To add or remove firmware versions from the server, expand the navigation menu , select Package Management, and then click the Upload button to add new a device application or firmware to NI InsightCM Server.

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