Manual Periodic Acquisition

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Edition Date: December 2018

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Parent Topic:   Methods for Initiating Device Acquisitions

To view new trend values and sensor measurements between scheduled periodic acquisitions, you can manually request that a device perform a periodic acquisition. These requests are known as force triggers. Force triggers are useful when you want to quickly observe the state of equipment in response to an alarm or other report of an issue.

You can perform a force trigger from the Action menu on the Trend viewer toolbar on the Data Viewer page or on the Devices or Device Dashboard page.

What Is the Duration and Sampling Rate of the Acquisition?

Devices perform force-triggered acquisitions according to the sampling rate, duration, and other periodic-acquisition settings configured in NI InsightCM.

Do Force Triggers Affect Regularly Scheduled Periodic Acquisitions?

No. Force-triggered acquisitions do not affect the timing of scheduled periodic acquisitions that devices perform. If you force trigger a periodic acquisition at the same time as a scheduled acquisition, the device performs both acquisitions simultaneously.

Is Data from the Acquisition Live?

No. Devices must perform the periodic acquisition, and then NI InsightCM Server must receive and store the data before you can view it. Therefore, force-triggered data you see in viewers is recent, but not live.

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