Gating Conditions for Data Sets and Tags

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Edition Date: December 2018

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Parent Topic: Methods for Initiating Data Set Collection

Location of Setting: Operating States Tab (Asset Configuration Page)

Gating conditions are rules you set to determine which data sets NI InsightCM Server stores. When you enable a gating condition for an operating state, NI InsightCM Server evaluates each data set collected under that operating state to see if the gating condition is true. For example, you might want to store data sets only when RMS from a sensor is above 0.1 g. If the gating condition is true for a data set, NI InsightCM Server stores the data set. Otherwise, NI InsightCM Server discards the data set. Gating is useful if you want NI InsightCM Server to discard data from offline or malfunctioning equipment that is obviously invalid.

A force trigger causes NI InsightCM to always store data sets, but NI InsightCM server evaluates data sets that result from other types of triggers to see if the data set meets a gating condition before storing the data set.

Trigger Type Evaluated for
Gating Condition?
Delta EU
Note  The gating conditions set for an operating state do not affect Burst mode data sets. Instead, burst mode data sets are evaluated for gating conditions set in the Burst Mode Collection Conditions section on the Device Properties tab of the Device Configuration page.

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