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Edition Date: December 2018

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NI InsightCM Enterprise Gateway integrates NI InsightCM Server with third-party data historian software.

Supported Historian Software

If you purchase, activate, and enable the Enterprise Gateway option, NI InsightCM Server can connect to two types of data historians:

  • OSIsoft PI System software—You map sources of data in NI InsightCM Server to PI points. Whenever a source produces a value, NI InsightCM Server writes it to the corresponding PI point.
  • Built-in OPC UA server and third-party data historian clients—NI InsightCM Server includes a built-in server that supports the OPC Unified Architecture (UA) specification. Whenever a device calculates a feature or spectral band value, NI InsightCM Server writes it to a unique channel in the server. Software clients that support the OPC UA specification can subscribe to the server.

Installing and Activating Enterprise Gateway

If you purchased the Enterprise Gateway option, it installs with the NI InsightCM Server software.

Ensure NI InsightCM Server and Enterprise Gateway are activated in NI License Manager. The product to license is at Local Licenses»InsightCM 3.0»Toolkits»Enterprise Gateway Toolkit in the tree at the left.

Note  (PI System only) Ensure the OSIsoft PI Data Access software is installed and a run-time license is activated on the same machine that runs NI InsightCM Server.

You must restart the NI InsightCM software before you can integrate NI InsightCM with a data historian. Complete the following steps to restart the NI InsightCM software:

  1. Launch Windows Task Manager.
  2. Click the Services tab.
  3. Click the Services button.
  4. In the Services Microsoft Management Console that displays, select the NI InsightCM entry in the list of services.
  5. Click the Restart link in the top-right corner.

After you enable Enterprise Gateway, you can connect to the data historian for which you enabled support:

Accessing the Interface with the PI System Software

To start working with the PI System software, complete the following additional steps:

  1. Open the NI InsightCM web application and log in.
  2. If the account you use receives the historian_edit permission, the Historian option appears in the navigation menu »System. This page allows you to interact with points in the PI System software.
  3. Ensure the following permissions are properly assigned to NI InsightCM web application users who work with PI tags:
    • historianPi_edit—Allows you to delete PI points from the PI System software.
    • historian_edit—Allows you to perform the following tasks on the Historian page:
      • Add, edit, remove, import, and export mappings to PI points
      • Add and apply point name patterns
      • Customize the names of features that appear in point names

For more information about interfacing with the PI System software, refer to Writing Values to PI Points in the PI System Software.

Interfacing with OPC UA Historians

NI InsightCM Server automatically writes new feature and spectral band values to channels in the built-in OPC UA server. The channel names are pre-defined, and you cannot customize them. You can access a few properties related to the OPC server name and security policy by clicking the navigation menu and selecting Options, then selecting OPC from the tree on the left of the resulting dialog box.

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