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NI InsightCM™ 3.3 Help

Edition Date: December 2018

Part Number: 374498G-01

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May 2018, 374498G-01

Product Overview and Terms

  1. NI InsightCM web application—The browser-based tool for configuring the NI InsightCM Server and monitoring devices and visualizing data. Hosted by the server machine and accessible from computers on the same network.
  2. Network connection—The connection between the server machine and the machines used to access the NI InsightCM web application.
  3. Server machine—The computer with NI InsightCM™ installed.
  4. Network connection—The connection between the server machine and devices.
  5. NI Monitoring Device—The device, configured via the NI InsightCM web application, that acquires sensor data, monitors alarms, and more.

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