Writing Values to PI Points in the PI System Software

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Edition Date: December 2018

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Requires: NI InsightCM Enterprise Gateway

Before You Begin: Complete the procedures for activating and enabling Enterprise Gateway.

To write values to the PI System software, you map sources of data in NI InsightCM Server to PI points. Whenever the source produces a value, NI InsightCM Server writes the value to the corresponding point in the PI System software.

Components for Writing to PI Points

NI InsightCM Server uses the following components to write data to the PI System software:

  • PI point—A timestamped value stored in the PI System software. NI InsightCM Server uses the unique name you define for PI point instances to write values to the PI System software.
  • Tag—An internal storage container in NI InsightCM Server where devices and NI InsightCM Server read and write values. An example of a tag is the most recent RMS value from acceleration data that a particular sensor acquires. You map a tag to a PI point name, and then NI InsightCM Server writes values from that source tag to the PI point name.
  • Point mapping—The mapping of a source tag in NI InsightCM Server to the name of a PI point. Specifically, NI InsightCM Server interfaces with PI System points via point mappings.

Configuring PI Point Mappings

The NI InsightCM web application allows you to create and preview point mappings for every feature and spectral band assigned to every sensor in the NI InsightCM web application. You can add point mappings to multiple assets at a time. However, the preview option is available only when you have just one device selected in the Choose Assets dialog box. The following list describes ways you can interact with mappings or with points in the PI System software from the NI InsightCM web application:

  • Automatically create or edit the names of PI points within all mappings, which includes inserting dynamic information about sources into the name of each PI point.
  • Check the value of a PI point or query the PI System software for the values of several PI points.
  • Check for PI points that do not have mappings in the NI InsightCM web application.
  • Export information about all PI mappings to and from a CSV file.

For instructions for each task, refer to the help for the Point Mappings tab, which is where you complete all these tasks.

Troubleshooting Missing PI Points

If the status of a sensor is open, NI InsightCM Server does not write values of the sensor features or spectral bands to the PI System software. Therefore, PI points might be missing. For steps you can take to check PI points and mappings, refer to the help for the Point Mappings tab.

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