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Edition Date: December 2018

Part Number: 374498G-01

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Location: Historian Page

Requires: NI InsightCM Enterprise Gateway

This tab defines schemes you can apply to edit the names of all PI points within mappings, which includes automatically inserting information about the source tag into the name of the PI point.

What do you want to do?

Task Action
Add a new point name pattern. Click the Add button. Enter static text and tokens you want the NI InsightCM web application to replace with dynamic information about the tag. Also select the asset type of the tags to which you want to apply the pattern.
Verify that the NI InsightCM web application applied point name patterns successfully. Check the PI point names on the Point Mappings tab.
Create additional PI points for sensor, equipment, and alarm statuses. Click the Configuration button and complete the options in the resulting dialog box.

List of Tokens That Insert Dynamic Information in Point Names

The following list contains tokens you can include in point name patterns. Surround each token with curly braces, as shown.

Note  Asset name values are static within PI point and source names. If you change the name of an asset, PI point and source names do not reflect the change.
Value to Insert Token
Asset name {name}
Asset path including all parent assets {path}
Feature or spectral band name 1 {feat}
Units of the feature or spectral band {unit}
1 You can replace the names of features and spectral bands in NI InsightCM Server with custom names.

Refer to Point Name Patterns and Custom Feature Names for examples of using these tokens.

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