Maintaining and Collaborating on Data

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Edition Date: December 2018

Part Number: 374498G-01

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Multiple users and processes can access the data you load on the Data Viewer Page because NI InsightCM Server stores and shares the data. In other words, you do not have exclusive access to the data you load. This behavior might impact your work in the following ways:

  • The data available via the asset tree might vary from session to session if other users or server processes delete it.
  • To protect a data file, you can mark the file to be retained so that others cannot delete the file.
  • You can add comments to a file that other users can read. This is useful if you observe an anomaly or value of interest, and you want to explain or call attention to it. If you add a comment in Stream Data mode, the comment applies to the entire stream. If you add a comment to a data set that is part of a stream in Periodic Data mode, the comment also applies to the entire stream.

Who Can Access Data Files?

  • Any user who is connected to NI InsightCM Server can load the same trends, sensor data, and streams as you. These users can also add comments to data files.
  • Users with sufficient permissions can access stored data and delete them.
  • Data-aging processes that run as part of NI InsightCM Server can automatically delete data files after a certain period of time.
    Note  To view the data-aging strategy implemented for NI InsightCM Server, select Navigation Menu»Options and choose either Periodic Aging Strategy or Streaming Aging Strategy under the Server Settings section. NI InsightCM Server allows for separate aging strategies for streams and for periodic data files.

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