Defining an Alarm Rule

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Edition Date: December 2018

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The group of settings that cause NI InsightCM Server to set an alarm is referred to as a system alarm rule. System alarm rules consist of a few types of information, as shown by the dialog box for adding a rule:

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1    Definition of the condition(s) that trigger an alarm instance
2    Location/frequency of evaluation
3    Severity of rule
4    Delays for setting and clearing alarm instances
5    Email notification options

Where to Define Alarm Rules

You can create alarm rules one at a time on the Rules tab of the Alarms page.

Tip  Instead of manually setting alarm rule levels, you can set the rule to auto-configure levels from the baseline of a feature trend. Refer to Configuring a Trend Alarm Rule on an Asset for more information.

Expressions with Multiple Conditions

For system alarms, you can alarm based on expressions with multiple conditions, however, creating complicated expressions with ORs may make it difficult to determine which condition triggered the alarm. If you want to be able to easily identify what condition triggered an alarm, split conditions into separate rules.

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