Email Notifications for Alarm Rules

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Edition Date: December 2018

Part Number: 374498G-01

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Parent Topic:   Defining an Alarm Rule

You can configure NI InsightCM Server to send an email notification whenever an alarm is set. The following options in the Options dialog box define the recipients and contents of the email to send for a given alarm:

  • Address Group—A list of email addresses. Add or edit address groups on the Address Groups section of the Options dialog box.
  • Email Template—A pre-defined email message, including subject line and body. Add or edit templates on the Email Templates section of the Options dialog box.

Communicating with an SMTP Server

NI InsightCM Server acts as a SMTP client and sends SMTP messages to an SMTP server. Therefore, you do not need to set up SMTP software on the server machine. However, you must configure settings for an SMTP server in the Options dialog box, accessible from the navigation menu .

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