Adding, Changing, and Removing Modules from a Device Configuration

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Edition Date: December 2018

Part Number: 374498G-01

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Use the Edit Hardware dialog box to add modules to empty slots, edit the model of C Series module in a slot, or remove a module from a slot so that the device configuration matches the physical device:

  1. On the Device Configuration page»Hardware tab, click the Edit Hardware button to launch the Edit Hardware dialog box.
  2. Use the pull-down menu next to each slot to add, change, or remove a module from the device configuration.
    Note  If the NI InsightCM web application does not display the model of C Series module you want to add to a slot, refer to the next section for more information about how to add it.

Adding Modules that the NI InsightCM Web Application Does Not Display

The list of C Series modules you can add to a slot is determined by the device type assigned to the device. Each device type supports a specific set of slot assignments, and assigning a particular model of module to one slot affects which modules you can assign to other slots. For example, the CMS-9036 device supports only dynamic C Series I/O modules, such as the NI 9232. You must fill module slots in ascending order starting with slot 1. You cannot leave empty slots between modules but you do not have to use every slot.

Note  The previous paragraph does not contain a complete list of module-arrangement requirements. For a complete list, refer to Device and Software Types.

To add a module that the NI InsightCM web application does not display for a particular slot, you must change the device type or change existing module slot assignments. For example, if slot 1 of a CMS-9068 device contains a static module, and you want to add a dynamic module in slot 2, you must first remove the static module from slot 1. Similarly, for the CMS-9068 device type, if you assign a static module to slot 1, you can assign only static modules to the remaining slots.

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