Configuring Batches of Devices

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Edition Date: December 2018

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Parent Topic: Getting Started with Configuring Devices

To save time when you want to configure many or all devices in the NI InsightCM web application, use a device spreadsheet. A device spreadsheet is a .xlsx file that contains properties for devices. When you import a device spreadsheet, NI InsightCM Server applies the values in the file. To make batch updates to devices that already exist in the NI InsightCM web application, use a full device spreadsheet. Export the spreadsheet, edit its contents, and then re-import it.

Full Spreadsheets Versus Templates

Device spreadsheets are similar to device templates in that you can use both features to apply multiple properties in a device configuration at once. However, these features have key differences. Full spreadsheets are useful for editing many device configurations, either by inserting unique property values or by batch-updating property values. Templates apply fixed settings to all devices to which you apply them. Additionally, full spreadsheets contain all settings in a device configuration, including the settings necessary to bring a device online, while templates do not contain device names or IP addresses, which are required to bring a device online.

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