What Happens When Triggers Occur During Data Collection?

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Edition Date: December 2018

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Parent Topic: Methods for Initiating Data Collection

When triggers occur at the same time a device is acquiring data, the device buffers the first data set collection trigger and begins another data set collection when the initial one ends. If two or more triggers occur during the data set collection, the device ignores the second and subsequent triggers. Consider the data set collection settings in the following example.

Setting Value
File Length 10 seconds
Delta EU trigger level 3 engineering units
Alarm rule Above 75 degrees

The following illustration shows an example of how a device buffers or ignores triggers while data collection is in progress.

1 Force trigger: Begins data set collection    4 Alarm-clear trigger: Ignored
2 Delta EU trigger: Buffered    5 First data set collection ends. New data set collection and
data set triggered by Delta EU begins.
3 Alarm-set trigger: Ignored
Tip  NI InsightCM Server records alarm set and clear events and displays them on the Alarms page even if the device ignores their triggers.

The following table describes how this behavior affects the contents of the data events the device creates and the way the data displays in on the Data Viewer page. Observe how the contents of the data events do not always match the value of the collection condition field that displays below the equipment name in the metadata pane when you select data on the Data Viewer page.

Data Event Trigger Contents Collection Condition Displayed
on the Data Viewer page
1 Force trigger Data from time 0-10 seconds, including the following events:
  • Force trigger
  • Delta EU change
  • Alarm set
  • Alarm clear
User Event
2 Delta EU change Data from time 10-20 seconds Delta EU Trigger

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