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Edition Date: December 2018

Part Number: 374498G-01

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Parent Topic: NI InsightCM Server Configuration and Monitoring Help

The following image shows the NI InsightCM web application with a typical page loaded.

    Navigation bar: Links to pages operators require most frequently     Configuration button: Links to the Device Configuration and Asset Configuration pages, which contain options for configuring devices and assets respectively     Navigation menu: Links to additional pages not shown in the Navigation bar
    Tabs: Contain page-specific actions and information     Data button: Links to the Data Viewer page, which contains options for data analysis     Action menu: Contains additional actions for the current page or tab
    Dashboard button: Links to the Dashboard page, which contains an overview of different parts of the system     Help button: Links to help for the current page or tab     View menu: Links to related pages

List of Device Information Pages

The NI InsightCM web application also contains the following pages for each device, which you access via other pages:

Missing or Restricted Items in the User Interface

NI InsightCM Server provides administrators the ability to assign permissions, or access rights, to groups of users. Permissions determine which features in the NI InsightCM web application a user can access when they log in. Therefore, you might not see pages, tabs, or components described in this help system, or you might not be able to edit particular settings. When possible, this help system documents the permissions required to perform actions so you can seek assistance from a user who possesses the required permissions.

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