Monitoring the Statuses and Health of Devices

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Edition Date: December 2018

Part Number: 374498G-01

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Parent Topic: Getting Started with Monitoring the System

The Devices page lists each device and allows you to quickly interact with one or more devices, such as by renaming them, force-triggering an acquisition, or rebooting them. Additionally, the Details tab of the Device Configuration page allows you to view the online/offline status of all devices, as well as counts of how many times common operations occurred, such as connection changes and files written. Access the Device Configuration page by using the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Viewing Device Health and Recent Features

The NI InsightCM web application also provides several ways for you to view information about the health, operation, and data acquired by individual devices. The following table describes these tools and how to access them.

Information Type Location How to Access
Summary of:
  • online/offline status
  • health
  • feature status
  • alarm activity
  • file activity
  • most-recently acquired data
Device Dashboard page On any device-related page, click Device Dashboard in the View menu .
Graphs of:
  • available memory
  • CPU usage
  • drive-space usage
  • chassis temperature
Device Health Dashboard page On any device-related page, click Device Health in the View menu .
Live channel data and feature values, in chart and numeric formats Test Panel page On any device-related page, click Test Panel in the View menu .
Device application and firmware versions Device Configuration page»Software tab On the Device Configuration page, click the Software tab.

Daily Disconnections between Devices and Server

By default, NI InsightCM Server temporarily disconnects devices once per day as a security-related feature. If you notice that devices go offline briefly at the same time each day, this feature might be the cause.

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