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Edition Date: December 2018

Part Number: 374498G-01

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Parent Topic: Available Viewers

Supported Sensors: Sensors with both 1x Phase and 1x Magnitude or 2x Phase and 2x Magnitude features.

The Bode viewer contains two charts. The top chart displays the phase measurement, while the bottom displays the amplitude response.

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Task Action
Modify the slow-roll value from sensor data so the plots start at 0. To compensate for slow-roll in magnitude and phase data, configure the 1x Magnitude Reference and 1x Phase Reference sensor property in the Properties tab of the Asset Configuration page. These are properties of the sensors that acquire data. You can also click Slow-Roll Override on the viewer toolbar to set the slow-roll override value.
Tip  If you notice that the configured reference values are incorrect or you want to temporarily use different values, you can override the properties with values that are calculated from sensor data.

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Change the order of the magnitude. Click Order on the viewer toolbar and select either 1x Magnitude or 2x Magnitude.
Select the source sensor. If you have more than one feature selected in the asset tree, you can select the source sensor for the viewer by clicking Choose Assets on the viewer toolbar.
View phase data wrapped from -180 to 180 or 0 to 360 degrees. Click Settings on the viewer toolbar. In the Bode Settings dialog box, choose Phase wrapped and select the range of degrees you want the viewer to use.
Disable auto-scaling to manually set the scale for the viewer. Click Set Scale on the viewer toolbar. Uncheck Auto-scale and set the maximum and minimum values you want the viewer to use.

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