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Edition Date: December 2018

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Supported Sensors: Pairs of displacement sensors that acquire waveforms from orthogonal probes. Configure the following settings on the Properties tab of the Asset Configuration page:

  • Specify the name of the other sensor for the Pair Sensor property of each sensor.
  • Assign the sensors to a data group with a tachometer as the speed reference.
Note  The actual angle between orthogonal probes does not need to be exactly 90 degrees. Angles of 80-100 degrees are typically acceptable.

The Full Spectrum viewer displays a spectrum of an orbit. A full spectrum takes two separate sets of sensor data from orthogonal probes, and performs a transform on the two spectrums to create the full spectrum. The positive frequencies indicate forward precession, where the direction of shaft orbit is the same as the direction of shaft rotation. The negative frequencies indicate reverse precession, where the direction of shaft orbit is the opposite direction of shaft rotation.

What do you want to do?

Task Action
Change the x-axis frequency units to Hz, CPM, or orders. Click Unit and select the units you want.
Move the cursor to the nearest peak. Click Find Peak on the viewer toolbar to move the cursor to the nearest peak.
Note  The peak may not be a point represented on the graph because it may fall between two recorded points.
Use logarithmic scaling for the y-axis. Click Set Scale on the viewer toolbar. In the Set Scale dialog box, enable Logarithmic Y axis.
Scale data according to RMS, peak, or peak-to-peak values. Expand the navigation menu and select Options. Click Units and Scaling under Data Viewer, and then configure the options under Spectrum Scaling so the data automatically scales.
See a table of trend values for features of selected assets. Click Show Features on the viewer toolbar.
Select the source sensor. If you have more than one feature selected in the asset tree, you can select the source sensor for the viewer by clicking Choose Assets on the viewer toolbar.
Disable auto-scaling to manually set the scale for the viewer. Click Set Scale on the viewer toolbar. Uncheck Auto-scale and set the maximum and minimum values you want the viewer to use.

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