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Edition Date: December 2018

Part Number: 374498G-01

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Supported Sensors: Any

The Data Viewer page workspace always contains one Trend viewer for plotting the values of features and spectral bands over time. You can display any number of features from any number of sensors The x-axis represents the system time. The y-axis represents feature values that NI InsightCM Server calculates from measurements.

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Task Action
Load a trend. The process for loading trends differs according to whether you want to load historical data from a specified time range or you want to view data from a live or recorded stream:
Display each plot in a separate axis system. To display each feature or spectral band plot in a separate, stacked axis system rather than overlaying all curves, click Stacked Charts .
Change the time range of trends. In Periodic Data mode, click Set time range . In Stream Data mode, the time range is restricted to the duration of the run-up or coast-down you load.
View the sensor data that is the source of a trend value. After you load a trend, you can load the corresponding waveform, spectrum, or other views of data from the same sensor by double-clicking a point in the Trend viewer. This behavior allows you to view trends alongside the original measurements from which they were calculated. In other words, the Trend viewer serves as a master viewer for the workspace because you can select data sets to view in the sensor data viewers.
Disable auto-scaling to manually set the scale for the viewer. Click Set Scale on the viewer toolbar. Uncheck Auto-scale and set the maximum and minimum values you want the viewer to use.

The following workspace, which is in Periodic Data mode, shows one feature loaded in the Trend viewer. The Waveform and Spectrum viewers at the bottom of the workspace display the data set from which the feature value at the cursor position was calculated.

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