Custom Report Configurator

Calibration Executive 6.0 Help

Edition Date: July 2020

Part Number: 374564Y-01

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Calibration Executive provides Custom Report Configurator tools that enable you to create custom report types for calibration certificates in PDF format, in addition to the default calibration report types.

Note Note  Java SE Runtime Environment and a PDF reader application (Adobe Acrobat Reader is recommended) must be installed on your system to generate custom reports.

To display the Custom Report Configurator dialog:

  1. Select View»Calibration Reports to display the Calibration Reports window.

    Calibration Reports window

  2. In the lower right corner of the Calibration Reports window, click Config Reports.

    Custom Report Configurator window

Note Note  The Custom Report Configurator is only available when you run Calibration Executive in administrator mode. Refer to Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

From the Custom Report Configurator window, you can do the following:


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