NI Isolated M/S Series Calibration Procedure

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Edition Date: July 2020

Part Number: 374564Y-01

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This topic contains information for calibrating the NI PXI/PCI-6230, PXI/PCI-6232, PXI/PCI-6233, PXI/PCI-6236, PXI/PCI-6238, PXI/PCI-6239, and PCI-6154 using Calibration Executive.

Calibration Executive Procedure Features:


Manual Mode

Selectable Test Points


Approximate Test Time: 10 minutes

Test Equipment|Test Conditions|Device Setup

Test Equipment

The following table lists the test equipment required for calibrating NI M/S Series Isolated devices.

InstrumentRecommended ModelRequirements
CalibratorFluke 5700AIf this instrument is unavailable, use a voltage source that is at least 10 ppm accurate for 16-bit voltage input devices. For 16-bit current input devices, use a current source that is at least 100 ppm accurate.
DMMNI 4070If this instrument is unavailable, use a multiranging 6 1/2-digit DMM with an accuracy of 40 ppm.
CounterAgilent 53131AIf this instrument is unavailable, use a counter with an accuracy of 0.01%.
Resistor(NI 6232/6233/6238/6239 Devices) For counter verification, use any 1 kΩ resistor.
Power SupplyNI 4110 (NI 6238/6239 Devices) For analog output verification, use any 10–30 VDC, 100 mA power supply. (NI 6232/6233/6238/6239 Devices) For counter verification, use any 5 VDC, 200 mA power supply.
Chassis PXI-1042,
Use with PXI modules.
Low thermal Copper EMF Plug-in Cable Fluke 5440A-7002 Do not use standard banana cables.
Shielded DAQ Cable NI DB37M-DB37F-EP,
NI SH37F-37M-1
Use with NI 6154, NI 6230, and NI 6236 devices.
NI SH37F-37M-1 Use with NI 6232, NI 6233, NI 6238, and NI 6239 devices.
DAQ Accessory NI CB-37F-LP Low profile terminal block with 37 screw terminals.
NI CB-37FH Horizontal DIN-mountable terminal block with 37–pin screw terminals.
NI CB-37FV Vertical DIN-mountable terminal block with 37–pin screw terminals.
NI CB-37F-HVD 37-pin DIN rail screw terminal block, UL Recognized derated to 30 Vrms, 42.4 Vpk, or 60 VDC.

Test Conditions

The following setup and environmental conditions are required to ensure the NI M/S Series Isolated device meets published specifications.

  • Keep connections to the device short. Long cables and wires can act as antennas, which can pick up extra noise that might affect measurements.
  • Use shielded copper wire for all cable connections to the device. Use twisted-pair wire to eliminate noise and thermal offsets.
  • Maintain a temperature between 18 and 28 °C. The device temperature will be greater than the ambient temperature.
  • Keep relative humidity below 80%.
  • Allow a warm-up time of at least 15 minutes to ensure that the measurement circuitry of the device is at a stable operating temperature.
  • (PXI) Ensure that the PXI chassis fan speed is set to HIGH, that the fan filters are clean, and that the empty slots contain filler panels.

Device Setup

Configure the isolated M/S Series device in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) to communicate with NI-DAQmx.

  1. Power off the computer or chassis that will hold the device, and install the device in an available slot.
  2. Power on the computer and launch MAX.
  3. Configure the device identifier and select Self-Test to ensure that the device is working properly.
    Note Note   When a device is configured with MAX, it is assigned a device identifier. Each function call uses this identifier to determine which DAQ device to calibrate.
  4. Launch the Calibration Executive procedure and complete the setup wizard.


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