3. Selecting the Required Standards

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Edition Date: July 2020

Part Number: 374564Y-01

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Required Standards page

Note Note  Each calibration instrument required for your selected calibration procedure has its own page. You must complete the required information for each instrument before proceeding to the next page.
  1. Select a supported instrument from the supplied list.
    Note Note  The drop-down list contains several models for each category of instrument; however, only a model specified or recommended in the DUT's procedure has been validated to work for that procedure. Unvalidated models may not be supported in software for the DUT's procedure and may error out during operation.
    Note Note  If you select Enter Unsupported Instrument, you are prompted to enter additional information about the instrument in the Description field.
  2. Enter a tracking number for the instrument in the Tracking No. field.
  3. Select a calibration interval for the instrument from the Calibration Interval list box.
  4. Select the calibration due date for the selected instrument in the Calibration Due Date field. You can either enter the date from the keyboard or click the calendar icon Calendar icon to launch the time and date dialog box, shown in the following figure.

    Set Time and Date dialog

  5. Enter any additional comments in the Notes field.
  6. Select the correct address of the instrument from the Address list.
    Note Note  The Address list displays all detected instruments that are connected to your computer. If the address of your instrument is not displayed in the list, ensure that the instrument is connected and click Refresh. To run a calibration procedure in automated mode, you must select the instrument and its address.
  7. Click Next to proceed to the next Required Standards page.
  8. When you complete all required standards information, click Next.


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