RFmx Demod 19.1 Help

Edition Date: October 2019

Part Number: 374641M-01

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RFmx Demod 19.1 Help
RFmx Demod 20.0 Help
RFmx Demod 20.6 Help
Owning Palette: RFmx Demod VIs

Use the VIs on this palette to configure various parameters for RFmxDemod measurements.

Palette Object Description
RFmxDemod Configure RF

Configures the RF properties of the signal by specifying the selector string.

RFmxDemod Configure Frequency

Configures the expected carrier frequency of the RF signal that needs to be acquired. The signal analyzer tunes to this frequency.

RFmxDemod Configure Reference Level

Configures the reference level that represents the maximum expected power of an RF input signal.

RFmxDemod Auto Level

Examines the input signal to calculate the peak power level and sets it as the value of the Reference Level property. Use this VI to help calculate an approximate setting for the reference level.

RFmxDemod Configure External Attenuation

Configures the attenuation of a switch (or cable) connected to the RF IN connector of the signal analyzer.

RFmxDemod Configure Trigger

Configures the Reference Trigger to use to acquire the signal.

RFmxDemod Send Software Edge Trigger

Sends a trigger to the device when you use the RFmxDemod Configure Trigger VI to choose a software version of a trigger, and the device is waiting for the trigger to be sent. You can also use this VI to override a hardware trigger.

Subpalette Description

Use the VIs on your palette to configure analog demodulated measurements.


Use the VIs on this palette to configure digital demodulated measurements.


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