Serial Port Naming Conventions

NI Single-Board RIO CLIP Generator Help

Edition Date: August 2015

Part Number: 375106C-01

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The following table describes how the serial ports on an sbRIO device may be notated differently depending on the environment in which you are working.

Notes Notes
  • Some environments use zero-indexed ports and others use one-indexed ports.
  • Shaded rows indicate ports that are not implemented by default in hardware.
sbRIO-9651 SOM Development Kit Reference Carrier Board
Hardware Silkscreen Linux Terminal
File System (sysfs)
VISA Names in MAX
Serial1 ttys0 ASRL1
Serial2 ttys1 ASRL2
Serial3 ttys2 ASRL3
Serial4 ttys3 ASRL4
Serial5 ttys4 ASRL5
Serial6 ttys5 ASRL6


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